As engineer and designer as well as responsible head of technical developments and managing director Berend Pruin was involved in a large number of patent applications.  

The many developments covered i.e. hydraulically folded hatch covers, even-level cargo handling cranes, high efficient flap rudders, automatically operation couplings for inland navigation vessels, stability measuring equipment, the free-fall lifeboats etc.

Below listed valid patent rights are available for using under licence or for purchase.

List of Patents

Atrium-Deckhouse for special Ships

On Behalf of Wärtsilä Ship Design, previous called SCHIFFKO GmbH Berend Pruin was inventor of the patent called large Working Vessel/Atrium Deckhouse As a working vessel in the context of the invention, for example, research vessels, drilling ships, exploration vessels or floating platforms are to be regarded. All these floating units have in common that […]

Automated Transport System on Ship

A fully automated transport of containerized and or palletized goods on board of ships. The innovative solution is ready to be used onboard of special ships. It will improve ordering, packing, transport, commissioning, stowing and storekeeping of any type of goods and expendables.Berend Pruin is the Innovator and System Concept Developer:

Modular Deckhouse Concept

The compact deck house is a modular, strong light-weight structure with easily combined accommodation and service units. This concept for a modular deckhouse system with drastically reduced weight, cost and construction time during ship construction enabling cost reduction for ship-owners. Download Patent German Download Patent Chinese

Ships with dual-fuel power generation for propulsion and other usage and bunker container

The LNG fuel systems were developed for bunkering of LNG by Bunker-Container and includes utilisation of fixed bunker tanks inside the vessel. The novel portable deck-mounted LNG containerized tank-system can be used for refilling, dally operation or to provide extra capacity for extended cruise ranges. For using bunkering in fuel containers these will be connected […]

Container loading with mixed stowing capabilities

The innovative solution for mixed stowing of container provides a great improvement in flexibility of container handling. At the same time the stowing process is becoming much more efficient and faster with adequate time and cost savings. This stowing principle was already used for the design of the IPP-STREAM Container Vessels with different ship dimensions […]