Automated Transport System on Ship

A fully automated transport of containerized and or palletized goods on board of ships. The innovative solution is ready to be used onboard of special ships. It will improve ordering, packing, transport, commissioning, stowing and storekeeping of any type of goods and expendables.
Berend Pruin is the Innovator and System Concept Developer:

The transport system consists of several independent application capabilities. The most needed one is the revolutionary rack system which is minimizing pre-outfit of the stores on board and includes automatic transport to pre-defined place on board of the particular vessel. The system will become an integrated part of the standard ordering tool of the ship operator. The commissioning on board and storekeeping is fully automated by using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) the onboard transport will be done by WLAN controlled self-powered trolleys.
German /European Patent are available under EP 2 456 657 / DP 50 2009 006 001.7