During his professional career he was involved as designer, project manager and technical advisor in all major projects developed and designed by SCHIFFKO over a period of about 50 years.

Being founder member of TECHNOLOG GmbH in 1979, of TECHNOLOG services GmbH in 2007 and IPP Ingenieur Partner Pool Engineering Partner Pool) in 1999 Berend Pruin is acting as Senior Consultant on behalf of the TECHNOLOG Group of companies.

Listed below you can see some notable projects he was working on until now.

List of References

Plastic at Sea – Kuwert V1

Experts estimate that more than 300 million tons of plastics are produced every year worldwide. The planet is literally flooded. What should people do? Without functioning waste disposal systems, they do not know how and where to get rid of their garbage. So, the garbage ends up in the ditch. If it rains, the stuff […]

UASC A7 Al Safat Container Vessel

Consultant to the owner with involvement in contract negotiations, permanent design optimisation and related technical discussion with Hyundai Heavy Industries, responsible for supervision and acceptance test including ship commissioning.On January 14th, 2008 the first A7 Class Vessel was delivered by Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) to UASC United Arab Shipping Company. The Senior Consultants with TECHNOLOG […]

UASC A14 and A18 Class Container Vessels in operation

Alternate Project Manager and Designer as Senior Consultant to TECHNOLOG services GmbH for UASC A14 and A18 Class Container Vessels On behalf of UASC United Arab Shipping Company – now marched into HAPAGLLOYD – TECHNOLOG services© was elaborating the concept design for the ordered total number of 17 Super Large Container Vessels (SLCV’s) called UASC […]

Exploring Expedition „ANT-XXV/2“ of RV POLARSTERN

Exploring Expedition „ANT-XXV/2“ of RV POLARSTERN On behalf of AWI, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research and original designer of this research vessel working  on board of RV POLARSTERN as observer and researcher for ship performances in ice and carrying out investigation of facility utilisation by scientists during ship operation to be used […]

AURORA BOREALIS designed as a European Research Facility for drilling in ice

As Senior Consultant active in project management, concept development and design of AURORA BOREALIS on behalf of the Wätsilä Ship Design Germany GmbH, previous SCHIFFKO GmbH.The research icebreaker AURORA BOREALIS will be the most advanced polar research vessel in the world with a multi-functional role of deep-sea drilling, supporting climate/environmental research during all seasons of […]

Automated Transport System on Ship

A fully automated transport of containerized and or palletized goods on board of ships. The innovative solution is ready to be used onboard of special ships. It will improve ordering, packing, transport, commissioning, stowing and storekeeping of any type of goods and expendables.Berend Pruin is the Innovator and System Concept Developer The transport system consists of […]

STREAM Container Vessel ranging from 3500 TEU to 5000 TEU

IPP – CV STREAM – The innovative Solution ready for the MarketThe team of IPP Engineering Partner Pool GmbH has successfully developed the most efficient new innovative power generation for double fuel LNG-driven vessels.In the meantime an optimized wide body typ STREAM 5000LNG was developed with lowest cost per container-mile for this range of vessels […]